March 03, 2021

4 Housing Features You’ll Only Find in a World-Class Village

Master-planned villages in the suburbs can be at par with the modern residential developments in the city. So it’s not difficult to see why many discerning families are considering moving to the province to live a high life.

Brentville International Community in Biñan, Laguna is one of the best examples of an upscale suburban village. It’s far from the big city’s chaotic scenes, but you’ll never lose access to the necessities and more. This kind of community is your gateway to living a more tranquil life. Best of all, it brings together everything you need for a satisfying residential experience. This is now possible, thanks to the following features: 

Convenience, Class, and Comfort

One of the defining features of a world-class village is a convenient location. Brentville, for instance, is more or less 30 minutes away from the Alabang Business District and Makati areas via South Luzon Expressway. Even if you decide to work in Metro Manila and live in the suburbs, you won’t find the work travels too tiring. 

In a first-class village, you’ll be greeted by a stylish home with plenty of spaces to relax after a hard day’s work. Outside, there are vibrant greenery, landscaped parks, and spacious playgrounds where you can comfortably stroll, jog, or bond with the kids.

Work-Play-Learn-Live Lifestyle Concept

This fully-integrated lifestyle is famous in many condominiums and mixed-use developments in Metro Manila. The good news is that Brentville and other similar village projects have already recreated this lifestyle in the calmer pastures of the suburbs. You don’t need to go outside a modern suburban village that has everything, from restaurants to small offices to an international school.

For the most relaxing residential experience, high-end villages are also known for filling their communities with deluxe amenities. Think adult and kiddie pools for the hot days, a tennis court and jogging trails for healthy outdoor activities, and picnic areas for laid-back, al-fresco dining.

A Home for Every Family Size

In villages like Brentville, different residential clusters are offering varied housing types. You’ll find space-efficient townhomes for young couples or small families and single-detached homes for large families looking for more privacy. Some villages have duplex units, which are great for extended families who want to live close to each other. Meanwhile, vacant lots may be offered to those who want a custom-built home.

High-Grade Underground Facilities 

Modern villages ensure utmost comfort and safety through undergrounding. This means cables or power lines are buried underground, reducing the risk of illegal connections, weather-related damages, and outages. At the same time, underground facilities make room for more trees on the sidewalk, making the communities greener and healthier for everyone. And unlike overhead wires, underground facilities won’t block your views of suburban landscapes. Every day, you’ll be able to witness inspiring nature scenes without obstructions.

Deluxe living in the suburbs is achievable by residing in a village that has all these features. Besides having a comfy home, you’ll get access to cutting-edge facilities that allow you to live a connected life.


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