March 03, 2021

Ready to Move to the Suburbs? Here Are 4 Things to Consider Before Making Your Home Purchase

So you finally decided to leave the dynamic city for a tranquil lifestyle in the suburbs. You already know what you’re trading for tall, concrete buildings and jam-packed lifestyle centers: more access to green spaces, less crowded environments, and the ability to enjoy simple life pleasures.

Deciding to move to the suburbs is just one of the many steps of living a peaceful life. Here are the most essential things to consider if you’re now looking for a suburban residential community to live in.   

Finding the Right Location

Laguna easily crops up as an ideal location for provincial living because of its proximity to Metro Manila. Suburban areas like these dispel the notion that you’ll lose access to the metro’s liveliest destinations once you move to the province.

For instance, residing at Binan City, Laguna puts you only less than an hour away from Alabang Business District and Makati City via South Luzon Expressway. As such, living here redefines the concept of suburban residential experience. It does provide a serene home, but it will never be too far away from the metro.

Living Within a Master-planned Development

Residing in a master-planned community in the suburbs won’t just offer you a comfortable home, but also amenities to live life to the fullest. A great example of this is the 54-hectare residential community of Brentville in Binan City, Laguna. This development has an expansive clubhouse with swimming pools, jogging trails, a tennis court, and other amenities that promote an active lifestyle. The houses in Brentville are complemented by lush greenery and robust security measures for a home environment that’s both healthy and safe for everyone.    

Checking the Variety of Houses Available

Speaking of houses, you must know the type of house you want to live in before moving to the suburbs. Consider your current living situation and your plans in the future. Are you going to move with your family and possibly add new members? Or, are you currently living with your partner and still planning to raise a family?

Townhomes and single-detached units are among the most common housing options in the suburbs, generally catering to young and large families, respectively. Besides these house types, you’ll also find vacant lots in master-planned communities like Brentville, which are ideal for those who want bigger and highly-customized houses.

Finding a Room for Growth

Location plays an important role when it comes to personal and career growth. If living in Binan City, you can still keep your job in the metro or explore career opportunities in Biñan’s industrial parks: Laguna Technopark Incorporated and Laguna International Industrial Park.

Meanwhile, living in a world-class suburban community like Brentville can offer growth opportunities in terms of education. The community itself has an international school, the Brent International School Manila, making the residential development particularly appealing to families with children. Brentville also has a “Village Front” that opens up business opportunities as it provides a 4.4-hectare of commercial area for small offices, restaurants, and retail shops. 

In sum, finding the right home in the suburbs is easy once you’ve given thought to the most important things: location, facilities, type of house, and growth opportunities. Apart from these, consider your budget, and you’ll be all set to buy the suburban home of your dreams.


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