March 03, 2021

Village Amenities You Need to Consider to Successfully Raise a Family

There’s no shortcut to properly raising a happy and healthy family. But if there’s a secret formula, it would include living in the right environment. Having a stable home before you start a family — one that’s comfortable and safe — is always a priority. It also helps if you think of your family’s current and future needs to find a home that supports their growth and development.

Amenities play a crucial role in strengthening the family bond, honing the children’s social skills, and simply having fun. To make sure you’ll be living in an all-inclusive residential community conducive to families, consider these four essential amenities. 

A Space That Supports Learning

Access to education allows parents to guide their children towards living a successful life. When house-hunting, it is then practical to consider residential communities located close to schools and universities. For ultimate convenience, living in a village with a school within its vicinity may be a better option. If you’re hard-pressed to find a residential development like this, take Brentville International Community for example.

This village is home to Brent International School Manila, offering international and multicultural academic programs for preschool to Grade 12 students. Brentville sets the bar high for an integrated residential community, encouraging families to choose a home with convenient access to top-notch educational programs.

A Space for Fun-Filled Family Activities

To instill the importance of a balanced lifestyle to your family, it’s essential to live in a community with plenty of space and opportunities for outdoor family activities. A clubhouse is a typical amenity you’ll find in modern villages today, and it’s often filled with swimming pools, parks and playgrounds, and multi-purpose courts. Meanwhile, world-class communities like Brentville offer premium amenities, such as a human-made lagoon park. It can be considered a mini nature attraction within the community, where families can go on picnics and be inspired by picturesque landscapes.

A Space of Ease 

This feature refers to the village’s commercial area abounding with basics and more. Some may be filled with retail and convenience stores, while others also have a dedicated space for restaurants and small offices. As such, residents don’t have to go far to work, shop, and dine.

For a weekend leisure time away from home, the village should also be in proximity to lifestyle destinations. Brentville, again, makes a great example as it’s located in Biñan, Laguna, but is conveniently near malls, membership clubs, and other entertainment hotspots in Metro Manila.

A Space of Zen

A place where you can enter a state of no-mind and slow down is your space of Zen. Raising a family is a difficult job, which is why you need access to an area where you can free yourself from everyday problems. A community with vast green spaces, uncrowded environments, and a calm atmosphere can help you recharge and find peace in daily living. At the same time, this kind of community is beneficial for the entire family as nature-rich settings can reduce stress, improve health, and spark creativity.

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