March 03, 2021

4 Revealing Signs that Suburban Living is for You

While living in the city comes with countless benefits — more career options, fun nightlife, and shopping sprees — being in the middle of the hustle and bustle can be overwhelming at times. In the most extreme situations, one may not keep a balanced lifestyle or get out of the apartment life because of the increasing house prices in big cities.

Peaceful and uncrowded, suburban living is always an enticing option for urbanites who want to leave the dynamic environment for good. But it’s not an easy decision to make. Living in the suburbs means you have to be away from a diverse population and various establishments. But this opens up opportunities to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, such as nature and time with loved ones. If you’re unsure whether moving to the suburbs is right for you, here are four telling signs to help you find the answer.  

You Want a Larger Living Space (Without Hurting Your Budget)

Residential developments in suburban areas like Laguna are known for offering sizable housing units at reasonable prices. For instance, the townhouses, duplex units, and single-detached homes you’ll find in Brentville International Community in Laguna feature vast indoor and outdoor space. Expansive lots measuring up to 1,400 sqm allow you to build a generously-spaced home with a private outdoor activity area for the family. 

You Crave a Peaceful Life (And Also Access to Key Establishments)

It’s no secret that living in the suburbs offers much-needed quiet time. Every waking moment comes with fresh air and scenic nature views that add to a tranquil lifestyle. The best part is suburbs are progressive areas that aren’t too far away from the metropolitan.

Brentville International Community, for example, is only a 2-minute drive away from the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), a road network that can bring you to Metro Manila in less than an hour.

You Prefer Lesser Crowd (But More Amenities)

The suburbs are known for having low-density residential developments, allowing you to enjoy vast open spaces and a serene atmosphere. When coupled with lifestyle amenities, such as a jogging trail, tennis court, and playground, residents are encouraged to form healthy habits.

In suburban residential communities, a lesser crowd doesn’t mean fewer recreational facilities. In fact, you’ll find modern developments here with a deluxe clubhouse, an infinity pool, and a theme park, catering to varied lifestyle preferences.  

You Want to Live Where You Work (And Play Where You Live)

The live-work-play concept is popular among innovative townships situated in Metro Manila. But as more and more homebuyers are thinking of moving to the suburbs, township projects are starting to increase in provincial areas. 

Again, Brentville International Community takes the lead in Laguna by offering an integrated lifestyle to its future residents. Besides its world-class amenities, the development has a 4.4-hectare commercial zone dedicated to small offices, restaurants, and convenience stores, so living a well-rounded lifestyle is possible. 

A private school is also located within Brentville International Community, offering top-notch educational programs for nursery to Grade 12 students. Basically, living here allows you to do just about anything as Brentville brings urban conveniences in a modern suburban setting.   

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