March 03, 2021

Exploring South: The Best of Biñan City, Laguna

Upon hearing the location of Biñan City in Laguna, one may immediately think of puto Biñan, a rice cake delicacy with a decadently sweet, cheesy taste. This steamed cake is found in most areas of Biñan since puto-making is one of the primary income sources of the city, along with industrial and agricultural activities and footwear-making.

For the not-so-foodie, Biñan City can be seen as a restful place where historic sites and fun-filled attractions converge. Property seekers and residential developers, on the other hand, consider Biñan as a bedroom city because of its rapid development and proximity to Metro Manila.

If you’re considering living a suburban life, Biñan is one of the southern cities worth exploring. It carries the provincial-calm vibe but is never away from the metro.

A Trading Area South of Metro Manila

Biñan is widely recognized as a trading center of Laguna as numerous retailers from neighboring towns flock here to buy and sell goods. The city also has the largest market in the province, where truckloads of various merchandise and wet and dry goods are common.

Biñan is also the location of some of the country’s largest export processing zones and industrial estates, driving its economic progress further. Two industrial parks are located in Biñan — Laguna Industrial Park and Laguna Technopark Incorporated — and both have helped increase the city’s local employment rate. 

A Destination for Historic and Relaxing Getaways

The city showcases its heritage tourism through historical sites like the Biñan Old Municipal Building, which houses a museum and archives. The School of Rizal Site and Museum is also worth visiting to learn about the early education of the Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal.

For a more adventurous weekend trip, trek to reach Biñan’s pristine and serene Tibagan Falls, located in Barangay Malamig. For a family-friendly day-out, visit the Splash Island waterpark. It has gigantic slides and an artificial wave pool — perfect for the kids and kids-at-heart.

An Up-and-Coming Residential Hub

Biñan is the apple of the eye among real estate developers, so it’s no surprise that the city is seeing more vertical and horizontal communities. Townships are among the most prominent projects in the area, strategically located near the commercial and business establishments already set in Biñan. As the local economy thrives and the population grows, townships like Brentville can offer a quality home to the city residents. 

An International and Inclusive Community

Townships turn the concept of integrated lifestyle into reality by merging residential, commercial, and leisure elements in a master-planned community. Brentville, however, takes it up a notch by adding a first-rate educational facility (Brent International School) inside the community. Brentville also has a commercial activity center called Village Front, where fancy restaurants, retail shops, and small offices can take up space. 

To provide the ultimate urban-suburban experience, the development offers eight residential clusters filled with generously-spaced and Southern California-inspired houses. Surrounded by expansive, well-manicured lawns and world-class amenities, Brentville is a place where one can live, learn, work, and play.

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